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Top 10 Best MBA Colleges in India

MBA is one of the most popular degrees in India and also worldwide. With an MBA degree in hand, a student can go to various fields in terms of career. Keep around till the end to see the Top 10 Best MBA colleges in India with placements.

An MBA graduate can achieve a lot in his career. There are more than 3 lakhs MBA graduates each year in India. Thus, placing 3 lakhs students in one year is not easy.

Out of the 3 lakhs graduates, less than 40 percent of the students are placed in a good full-time job. So, getting a degree from a reputed college is very important.

Before getting into the top MBA colleges, let us know what an MBA degree actually is.

Top 10 Best MBA Colleges in India

What is an MBA?

An MBA is a general business graduate degree that enhances a person's capability in the fields of business and management.

With an MBA degree in hand, a student can achieve a lot in his career. The full form of MBA is a Master of Business Administration.

In a general mba degree, in the first year, a student has to study subjects like consulting, operations, human resources, marketing, international business, finance, etc are taught.

In the second year, a student gets to choose a subject of his own interest.

Most of the business schools conduct their mba admissions with the help of entrance exams such as CAT(Common Admission Test), XAT(Xavier Aptitude Test), MAT(Management Aptitude Test), etc.

The colleges listed in this post conduct exams to fulfill their admission process. CAT is the most common exam for the MBA aspirants.

Almost all the famous B Schools in India have a very high fee structure because of which getting a good job from a college is very important.

The students have to take a student loan in order to study in one of these colleges because of the high fee structure. So, return on investment is an important factor to look into.

So, these colleges are ranked on the basis of ROI, placements, and NIRF ranking.

The colleges listed below go through the same admission process. First, they shortlist some students on the basis of the entrance exam, and the final selection of these students is done by a written ability test, group discussion, and personal interview.

In all of these colleges, the top 30 percent of students receive an average package of 30 LPA, and the top 80 percent of students receive a salary of around 20 LPA after their degree.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best MBA Colleges in India with placements:

Top 10  Best MBA Colleges in India

Top 10 Best colleges in India:

1.IIM Ahmedabad:

IIM(Indian Institute of Management). Ahmedabad holds the record for securing the first position in management studies. It is a place of excellence.

It is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. One has to have a very good academic record to get into this college. In simple words, your life is secured if you are placed in this college.

Courses offered by IIM Ahmedabad are:

  • Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Management (PGP)
  • Post Graduate Diploma Programme - Agri-Business Management (PGP-FABM)
  • Doctoral (Fellowship) Programme (FPM)
  • Executive Training Programme (PGPX)
  • ePost Graduate Program (PGP)


IIM Ahmedabad provides almost 100 percent placements. The average salary offered by this college is 24 lakhs. The lowest package offered last year is 23 lakhs. The highest package went high as 85 lakhs. So securing a good job is not a big deal if one is placed in IIM Ahmedabad.

2.IIM Bangalore:

IIM Bangalore is an excellent management institute for management studies. It is ranked as the second-best institute for studying business and management courses. The admission process of IIM Bangalore is the same as IIM Ahmedabad.

Courses offered by IIM Bangalore are as follows:

  • Post Graduate Program in Management(PGPM)
  • Executive PGPM
  • Post Graduate Program in Public Policy and management
  • Fellow Program in Management
  • Post Graduate Program in Enterprise Management


The placement of this college is decent. IIM Bangalore offers an average package of 24.5 Lakhs. The lowest salary offered last year was23 Lakhs. The highest international salary package went up to 62.30 LPA. Placement is not a problem at this college.

3.IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta is another excellent college for doing an MBA. It is located at Kolkata. Unlike the above listed IIMs, this college does not put a high weightage on work experience.

IIM Calcutta mainly focuses on the CAT score. So doing good in the entrance exam could get you into IIM Calcutta. The only problem here is a huge batch strength.

Courses offered by IIM Calcutta:

  • Post Graduate Program in Management
  • Executive PGDM
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics
  • Executive Program on Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Advanced Programme in Data Sciences
  • Executive Programme for Banking and Financial Sector
  • Executive Programme in Human Resource Management


Placements here are quite good fora college that stands at the top 3 positions. The average salary offered this year is 27.5 lakhs and the highest salary went up to 80 Lakhs. Quite motivating, isn't it? So worrying about placement is not an issue here.

4.FMS Delhi

FMS is another good college for doing management courses. The full form of FMS is the Faculty of Management Studies. FMS is located in Delhi. The reason FMS Delhi stands at number four is the return on investment. The ROI of this college is very satisfying.

The fee of FMS is less than 2 Lakhs rupees and the average salary offered here is 23 Lakh. To get into FMS one has to appear in the CAT entrance test.

The low fee of FMS help made its position in the Top 10 Best MBA Colleges in India.

Courses offered by FMS:

  • Master in Business Administration
  • Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA in Health Care Administration


The placement of FMS is up to the mark. With a very low fee structure, the placement is more than good. The average CTC offered by FMS is 23 Lakhs and the highest package could go as high as 48 Lakhs Per Anum.


JBIMS or Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies is a fine college. It is located in Mumbai. The fee structure of this college is also very low making it affordable to study there without taking a student loan.

To get into JBIMS students can sit in various entrance tests such as CAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT, and MAH CET.

JBIMS offers seven different courses. They are:

  • Masters of Management Studies
  • Masters in Financial Management
  • M.Sc in Finance
  • Masters in Human Resource Management
  • Masters in Marketing Management
  • Doctoral Programme
  • Masters in Information Management


Placements in JBIMS is quite similar to FMS. With a low fee structure, students here receive a decent package. The average package offered here this year is 20 Lakhs and the highest CTC received is 32 Lakhs. This college is a quite good one placement wise.


XLRI or Xavier School of Management is located in Jamshedpur. It is an excellent college for management education. XLRI is a Catholic college run by the Society of Jesus. XLRI Jamshedpur is mostly famous for its human resource development program.

The reason this college is ranked at number 6 is because of its high fee structure as compared to FMS and JBIMS.

XLRI conducts its own admission test known as XAT. For getting into XLRI one can only appear for this exam.

Courses offered by XLRI:

  • PGDM in Business Management
  • PGDM in Human Resource Management
  • Executive Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • PGDM in General Management
  • Post Graduation Diploma in Management(Global M)
  • Executive Development Program in Digital Marketing


The placement of XLRI is overwhelming. In this year, a mean salary offered is 22.3 Lakhs and a median salary offered is 50 Lakhs PA. In terms of placement, XLRI is a quality college.


Spjimr Mumbai is one of the top mba colleges in India. It is located in Mumbai. The total fee of this college is around 22 Lakh. The faculty of this college is quite good.

Courses offered by SPJIMR are:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • Global Management Program
  • Post Graduate Executive Management Programme
  • Post Graduate Management Program for Women


The placement of SPJIMR is decent. The average salary offered is 22.3 lakhs. The location of this college is itself a plus point.

8.IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow is another quite a good college for managerial studies. With the IIM tag, it is one of the most famous B schools in India. To get into IIM you have to appear for the CAT exam. On the basis of the CAT exam marks, one is placed in this college.

Courses offered by IIM Lucknow:

  • Post Graduate Program in Agribusiness Management
  • Post Graduate Program in Management
  • Executive Fellow Programme in Management
  • Post Graduate Program in Sustainable Management


This year, IIM Lucknow graduates received an average salary of 24.3 LPA while the lowest salary stood at 23 LPA. The highest salary stood at around 54 LPA. The highest international salary stood at 58 LPA which is fairly enough.

9.IIM Indore

IIM Indore is another managerial college famous for its management studies. Along with all the above mentioned IIMs, it has also been producing excellence in the management field. CAT entrance exam is the only exam one has to clear in order to get into here. The only problem with this college is a big batch strength.

Courses offered in this college:

  • Integrated Program in Management
  • Post Graduate Program in Management
  • Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management
  • Post Graduate Programme in Human Resource Management
  • General Management Program for Executives
  • Fellow Programme in Management


Likewise all the IIMs, IIM Indore also offers a 100 percent placement opportunity. The average salary offered by IIM Indore this year was around 20 LPA. The highest International CTC stood at 89 LPA and the highest domestic salary offered was 40 LPA.

10.IIT Bombay

It is quite shocking actually that an engineering institute offers an MBA degree, but the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay offers an excellent degree in management education and that is why it stands in the Top 10 Best MBA colleges in India.

Like the IIMs, IIT Bombay admits its students on the basis of the CAT entrance test followed by a Written Ability Test and a group discussion and personal interview.

Courses offered bt IIT Bombay

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Executive Masters of Business Administration
  • Management Development Programme
  • Doctorate Programme


Like the above-mentioned institutes, IIT Bombay also offers a 100 percent placement guarantee. The average package offered this year was around 24 LPA and the highest domestic salary offered was 32.8 LPA which is quite a good amount.

The above-mentioned colleges are the top 10 Best MBA Colleges in India with placements. There are other great colleges too in India. To learn more about MBA visit my blog regularly.


In this article, I have shared the Top 10 Best MBA Colleges In India to study management courses. There are other good colleges in India but they could not make it into the Top 10 list because of high fees or low placement opportunities. 

Top 10  Best MBA Colleges in India

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